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Ask These Questions Before Buying Duster 3000 Filters Elsewhere

Questions Frequently Asked of Us

When we say our Duster 3000 filters are OEM quality we mean they are every bit as good as the filters you would buy from ICA or your regional rep – same cleaning ability and same durability. We have hundreds of satisfied customers (most of them repeat) who will attest to that statement. BEWARE of other sites offering inferior quality filters which may damage your unit!

We honestly don’t know why ICA and their reps charge so much. We sell high quality filters and make a fair profit. Our guess is that because ICA’s closest facility is in Vancouver, British Columbia that it costs them a lot to ship (brokerage fees, taxes, duties). We also don’t have massive overhead since filters are all we do.

We generally stock all of our filters in our warehouses and ship free within 48 hours to 48 states (AK and HI extra). We hear that it will typically take 3 weeks to get your filters from ICA or your rep. Our guess is that filters are a small part of what ICA and their reps offer so stocking and shipping these filters is probably a nuisance for them. Oh, and we think “handling fees” are sleazy.

We have sold so many filters that we are 100% certain our filters will fit your Duster 3000 unit. If for any reason any filter we sell you doesn’t, we will get you one that does at no additional charge. *Note that the top pocket filter for Duster 3000 units used primarily for printing (i.e., absent a plenum) is not the same as the Viledon® top pocket we sell here. Call if you have questions.

Our affiliated company is a manufacturer, reseller and distributor of custom and standard sized air filters of all types. They manufacture filters for many national filter companies who then repackage and sell hundreds of thousands of our filters under their own brand name. is a small splinter of a speck of the large national company.

Salespeople for one division of our national company (paint spray booth filters) often reported that their customers would complain about the cost and long lead times to get replacement filters for their Duster 3000 units. was created specifically to address those complaints.